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Providing Sessions In and Out of the Office

You are offered the traditional setting for your counseling appointment, in a peaceful and relaxing office. You are, as well, able to use your time in complementary ways to talk therapy such as talking as we walk along the Trinity River, chat at a local coffee shop, or for children, play and learn skills at a local park.

If you would like to try online/teletherapy sessions and find they are more convenient and comfortable for you, then we can go that route, too!

After our initial session in the office where we complete paperwork, discuss what has brought you to counseling, and create goals, we can then decide where the most comfortable and effective place will be to do counseling together.


Group counseling offers an environment with others who have similar experiences or needs. Groups can be beneficial for people to learn that they are not alone in similar situations, group members can support one another and share previous ways of overcoming circumstances, learn social and behavior skills, and groups are typically lower in cost per session than individual counseling and family therapy.

Therapeutic workshops are a combination of group counseling and an activity, such as journaling, crafting, or painting, to give clients a place to share experiences, process emotions, manage daily stressors, and learn self-care techniques while creating something new and meaningful to the client.

Inquire today to receive information about current and upcoming therapeutic groups and workshops!